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  • You are a trade business, a coach, a trainer, a health professional, or a cafe

    Sequence CRM supports all types of trade businesses such as Electricians, Carpenters, Cleaners, Landscapers, Gardners, Building subcontractors, Builders and Renovators, HVAC tradesperson, Insurance restoration works and a lot more.

    Whatever is your business and working model, Sequence CRM has been carefully designed and developed to accommodate your CRM, Jobs management, Quotes, Invoicing, Reporting and Accounting needs. Feel free to start a FREE TRIAL and see it yourself. All the best !!!

  • You don't have more than 25 full time staff

    The reason for this limit is not the capability of the software, but it is due to the subscription pricing.

    Once you reach over 25 staff, we need to be able to charge you a little extra in order to support our costs.

    So if you have more than 25 full time staff, please contact us for the pricing. Thank you and all the best !!!

  • You need some or all of (CRM, Jobs Management, Quotes, Invoicing, Payments, Reports, and Accounting)

    It does not matter if you need some or all of these features. You may use Sequence CRM together with your existing software.

    However if you feel a need to migrate from your existing software (could be another CRM, another Job management, another reporting solution, or another Accounting software), please feel free to write back to us. And we will offer you after services to migrate you from those software to Sequence CRM.

    Thank you and all the best !!!

  • You are happy to use online tutorials and call/chat support from us!!

    In order to keep our costs low to support you with a low monthly charges, we have created a very detailed and thorough online tutorials for each module and function.

    And on top of that we are just a chat / email away.

    However in case you still need to call us, we will be glad to assist you over the phone as long as it is not repetitive style of seeking support that could be otherwise resolved by looking to the online tutorial.

    Thank you for your kind understand and All the Best !!!

  • You are happy to setup a monthly subscription plan !!!

    Due to our very low cost model we have created an easy to use subscription and payment model.

    Once you have subscribed, your payment method will be automatically charged with monthly subscription amount on the 1st of every month.

    You will have an easy method to cancel your subscription anytime and you won’t be charged for future months. Please note that upon cancelling your subscription, it will be your responsibility to copy your data before the end of that current month. Because after the end of the current month your data and information will be removed from our system.

    Thank you and all the best !!!

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