Refund and Cancellation Policy

This refund policy is developed by us, a company, Unicornis Pty Ltd, duly incorporated in Australia (“Company”) and provides the Sequence CRM Software as a Service (“Service”) and Sequence CRM Platform (“Platform”)

This refund policy is applicable to everyone who has;

1. Subscribed any solution, services, configuration, platform directly or post completion of FREE TRIAL period; or

2. Started a FREE TRIAL from our website; or

3. Purchased any custom solution/configuration from us as per quotes

We reserve the rights to update this policy as necessary either by law or our Company operations. An email notification will be sent when an update occurs to this policy.

Refund Policy

The Company charges on a monthly basis from your subscription start date to a day before same date next month. So, if you started your subscription on 7th October 22, your monthly fee will cover you up to 6th November 22 and monthly renewal payment will be deducted on 7th November 22 again.

If you choose to cancel the subscription before your monthly renewal payment date, there will be no refund of the ongoing month or any other period that you have paid for. Please notify us in writing to for accidental renewal within 5 days of monthly renewal date or if you have any difficulty in deactivating your access.

If you have taken a custom solution or configuration or setup or services from us please note that we incur significant efforts in providing you those solutions, configurations, and / or services. So there won’t be any refund in case you choose to either cancel the custom solution in between or post completion. In addition you will be required to pay all the dues as applicable as per our custom solution, configuration, and / or services quote.

Contact Us

For any question on this policy please contact us on

This policy was last updated on 5th October 2022

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