Your privacy is important to us, a company, Unicornis Pty Ltd, duly incorporated in Australia (“Company”) and provides the Sequence CRM Software as a Service (“Service”) and Sequence CRM Platform (“Platform”)

We have set out here a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, and disclose your information. Please read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

This privacy policy is applicable to everyone who has visited our websites, offices, downloaded mobile apps, registered or used for FREE TRIAL, subscribed or using the Platform and Service on an ongoing basis, or has taken any custom solution or configuration or services from us.

This policy is applicable on all the information collected during our marketing, sales, setup, trial, testing, ongoing usage, or trainings of the Platform and the Service.

We reserve the rights to update this policy as necessary either by law or our Company operations. An email notification will be sent when an update occurs to this policy.

The type of information that we collect

1. The personal information

When you submit an enquiry form or send us an email, or download our mobile app or start a free trial or subscribe to our Platform and Service, or participate in an online survey, or respond to a social media or google ad, we may collect a variety of information, including your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact preferences, device IP address, and payment information.

2. The non-personal information

When you visit our website, download our app, start a free trial, subscribe to the Platform and Service, or buy a custom solution, we may also keep track of your physical location and device information. This may include technical data such as IP address, date and time of access, duration of access, browser and its version, and other similar information that internet service provider could supply.

The Mobile App Stores may also keep track of the user who have downloaded our apps. This may include technical data such as store ID, date and time of download, rating provided, device unique id etc.

Cookies may be used by our website to record information about your preferences as you browse our website. We may use this information to improve your experience by tailoring the website accordingly. Browser user, however may set their internet browser to deny cookies.

3. The information that you enter on our Platform and/or Software as a Services

This is your ongoing business use information that you may enter either during Trial or ongoing monthly subscription period. Some information is collected in the background to enable the location based services and timesheets.

How we use this information

1. The personal information

To reach out to you during sales, setup, and support processes. To setup your account in the system. To provide your information about our new products and features. To send you promotions and newsletters.

2. The non-personal information

To understand the user experience and market statistics about our Platform and Service. To protect our website and mobile apps from viruses and phishing attacks. To keep our Service and Platform compatible with updated device firmware and operating systems.

3. The information that you enter on our Platform

We don’t use this information for anything. We only access this information if required to resolve any issue raised by you or support a request from you. This information remains protected by your user login password.

4. Information Entered on Mobile Apps

During registration / sign up process we collect following information

There are only few mandatory information:

  1. Your email – This is mandatory for your account management
  2. Phone – This is mandatory for your account management
  3. First name and last name

After registration / signup process you may go and provide / update following information:

There are only few mandatory information:

  1. Your email – This is mandatory for your account management
  2. Phone – This is mandatory for your account management
  3. First name and last name

Rest are all non mandatory and option information. You may choose not to update / change them.

  1. Profile picture
  2. Street Address
  3. Suburb and
  4. Postcode

Share with Service Providers Including Marketing Agencies

The Company uses various service providers and marketing agencies to fulfil all functionality of the Platform and Service.

Your personal and / or non personal information may be shared with them in order to fulfil the functionalities as well as market new products and features to you.

Disclosure under law or merger / acquisition / company reorganization

At times it may be required by law and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside Australia to disclose your personal information.

We may also disclose your personal information if necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or in the event of a merger, acquisition, or company reorganization

Protection of Personal Information

We take appropriate data security measures to protect all the data collected by us. No unauthorized access and changes to your personal information are allowed without your permission, except for the purpose already mentioned above.

Contact Us

For any question on this policy please contact us on

This policy was last updated on 5th October 2022

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