I'm a Landscaper and Gardner from Sydney

We provide great and quality gardening and landscaping services for commercial as well as residential premises.

How Sequence Helps Us

We have been using Sequence for over 2 years now. And following is a perfect sequence for our business that works everyday.

My business process on Sequence CRM
Locking leads and jobs via CRM feature

CRM feature of Sequence CRM gives me everything that I need to quickly add leads info and then keep in touch with them. Submit quotes. Send routine emails, record call details, etc. Everything is saved at one place without having to go through multiple places and diary notes.

Efficient scheduling via Job Scheduler

Once again Scheduling feature of Sequence CRM is very convenient. It takes me minutes to schedule jobs for weeks and months in advance. I am able to see who is free or busy in my team. I am able to see which days are busier than other days.

Schedule is available to staff and myself on the app straight away with all the required details of the job.

Site work and Job details capturing via App and Desktop sync

Working on the job has become vary convenient. Compared to our last software, Sequence CRM gives us ability to see all the tasks required on the job, mark them complete easily, add variation jobs, capture images, capture notes, and submit invoices or quotes on the spot.

Raise multiple progress invoices and variation orders

Since we have started using Sequence CRM, managing invoices and variation orders has become absolutely manageable. All it takes a couple of minutes to raise an invoice and if needed a variation order.

Sequence CRM gives us ability to seek approval on variation orders and submit invoices from the job itself and keeps a complete record of it.

Standard Service Reporting

Sequence CRM provide standard as well as custom reporting capability. I am very happy with the standard service reports which are available instantly after completing the jobs.

Quarterly BAS and Annual Return Inputs

Finally our accounting is always streamlined due to Sequence CRM. We are always up to date for our BAS reporting and Year End financials. It keeps our accountant happy.

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